Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ooky, Animated

Today, I have 6 episodes of the Addams Family animated series that ran from 1992-1995. The 90's series features the voice talent of John Astin (who also worked on the recently posted Killer Tomatoes series), Rip Taylor and Carol Channing. There was another animated series in the 1970's, but sadly I don't have any of those at the time. If anyone does, guide me to them.

I've posted all of the episodes on MegaUpload. As a Rapid Premium member I usually upload there, but Mega is much quicker for uploading TV shows. Plus they have the MegaVideo feature which allows you to just watch the episode, so that's a cool bonus.

The link to the folder with the links to the episodes lies beyond...

In my last post I mentioned the Hideous Sexy book put out by Penny Dreadful. I'm very impressed with CreateSpace, a mere two days after ordering the book, my copy showed up. And this is with me choosing the absolute cheapest shipping option, so I highly recommend ordering from them. The book itself is gorgeous, Simon did an outstanding job putting this thing together. I know, I know, it just sounds like friendly ass-kissery on my part, but this book just looks incredible. I've only had it in my possession for about 90 minutes so I haven't had a chance to read any of it yet but how could stories with titles like The Scalpel of Hate and Nudist Gym Death Riddle not be amazing? I'll report back with more of the gory details when I've given it a proper once-over.

I thought someone out there might want to see the ad I made for the site that shows up in the back of the book. I made it in color and had to convert it to grayscale for the book. Somehow I screwed up and didn't save this one in color, so what you see here is the grayscale version as it appears in the book:
And here's another I made that I decided against using. As you can see I hadn't quite finished it up before deciding to go with the other, so try and ignore that all the text at the bottom is the same:

This will be my last post for about a week. I'm going on a trip to visit family/friends out of state, so I'll be unavailable to do any kind of posting here or on Space Bastard during this time. When I return, I'm planning to start doing more compilations, and post more movies/TV shows. In addition to my usually music/other random crap posts. So once I return expect to see more Addams, Cartoon Killer Tomatoes, You Can't Do That On Television.


Poo Flinger said...

Thanks for the Adams Family episodes, I remember these and they are great. Also I got my copy of Hideous Sexy today, a mere 5 days since ordering it, and it looks awesome. I like the add in it and can't wait to actually read it.

Anonymous said...

I love that artwork from Astro Zombies. Killer flick.


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