Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chuck Me - Chuck Lives!

This has never been an entertainment news site - and given my general sense of laziness it never will be - but since I am a huge Chuck fan and I had that Chuck petition up here, I thought I should probably mention this bit of news. Chuck has been officially given another season. But not until 2010, after the Olympics (the Olympics, are they still doing that?):

"NBC's shared time period strategy will kick off this fall on Mondays with the premiere of "Heroes" (8-9 p.m. ET) continuing with all originals before "Chuck" assumes the time period after the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, which will be a powerful launching platform with its broad, female appeal and strong ratings as the most-watched event of the year. Using "NBC Sunday Night Football's" potent promotional platform, the new high-octane drama "Trauma" will debut Mondays (9-10 p.m. ET) with the epic event series "Day One" taking over the time period following the Olympics."

Full article can be found here

I hate to have to wait that long, but that is certainly better than cancellation. Now I suggest everyone who hasn't seen the show check out the first season, or the even better second season some time before 2010.

Check back later, I've got some new (old) music uploaded and I'll be posting later on today.


jh said...

i on my site... did some art to help save chuck, i hope... hope it doesn't get the same treatment as scrubs... moving it around to other nights. the talk is to friday nights and cast, crew cuts..

which i am sure you have mentioned.
thanks for your update.


Wendel said...

The problem is that you have to wait long. For dedicated fans that is no problem. For the bulk of the viewing audience, you might as well start a new show.

Also, the axed Eleventh Hour!!!!!!!!
Chuck is saved but my show falls.

The Karma of the Universe I guess.

Anonymous said...

olympics is 2012

world cup is 2010


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