Thursday, May 23, 2013

Code Red Does John Travolto

Madman Bill Olsen has just posted three brand new releases over at the Code Red store. No horror, so nothing too enticing to me, but I'm sure these releases will make some of you happy. Can anyone tell me what the hell that John Travolto thing at the bottom is all about? Weird title, weirder tagline...I don't know, it all seems kinda weird.

Dandy - $14.99

Dandy (Cynthia Denny) is a free loving 18 year old girl who has no place to go. Unhappy with her parents and bored with her life, Dandy decides to leave for the big city to try to make it in the rough life in California. Dandy stays with her boyfriend (played by David Roya, who played the bad guy Bernard in BILLY JACK), but that arrangement takes an evil stiff turn as she catches him hiding the salami with another gal. Dandy then tries out modeling in skin magazines only to be lured into prostitution and getting assaulted by a fetish-obsessed client. Dandy meets an older guy (John Alderman, ZEBRA FORCE) and falls in love, but later runs off with a weird swinging couple. She is abused, used and desired by the fast living men she meets in a wild orgy that moves from the luxuries of their bedrooms to the nude cavorting in their Olympic-sized pools. Strange, wild life a chick can have in 1970! Co-starring Frank Cuva (PSYCHO LOVER). Take a walk on the wild side with DANDY; it’s one dandy of a movie!

1.78:1 (16x9) 82min

Class of '74 + Gabriella, Gabriella - $17.99

WARNING: Due to the error by a Major Studio Lab, the first 15min of CLASS OF 74 has some issues. also the first 1,000 reel (10min) of the camera negative is missing so we had to take it from a release print, but after the first ten minutes, it is from the original neg, from a HD master, and looks great!

The Class of '74 is the story of four young women who belong to today . . . or perhaps even to tomorrow. When we first meet them on the campus, it is instantly apparent that they are four young women to whom nature has been generous . . . four bodies that have been amply endowed, designed to turn men's heads and cause their wives, girlfriends and/or mistresses concern. And interestingly, all four have looks to go with their bodies. Four distinctive, different faces, all of which epitomize young womanhood . . . in short, you don't know where to look first. And then we hear them talking . . . We realize they are bright, witty, intelligent women who believe in doing their own thing; free spirits whose moral codes are where everyone else secretly wishes theirs were. Except Gabriella. Gabriella (Barbara Caron, ESCAPE TO PASSION) is a bit unworldly, naive about life but willing to learn. She looks to her friends for advice and consultation. Then there is Maggie (Sandra Currie, POLICEWOMAN) who feels she is the equal of any man and has the looks, confidence and drive to do anything she wants. And Carla (Marki Bey, SUPERDUDE), black and beautiful, who is having a love affair with life. Black or white, it makes no difference as long as you live for today. As she tells Gabriella, "I'm making love happen, and it's the wildest kick I've ever had. The sooner you learn it's all wrapped up in the sex game we play, the better off you'll be." Finally, there is Heather (Pat Woodell, THE BIG BUST OUT), blonde, built and bright, whose ambitions lean towards owning a Greek island or being the next Princess of Monaco. Watch and listen to her for a few minutes and you'll know she's going to get what she wants . . . and more!

Rated R/ 1.78:1. (16x9) / 76min


Director Mack Bing delivered a strange film about a woman, Gabriella (Barbara Mills), who encounters strange hippies, rich people, and groupies in a strange, socially charged movie that runs like an experimental film. This film was later bought by Arthur Marks/General Films who added new footage and turned it into something new... CLASS OF ‘74.

Rated R / 1.78:1 (16x9) / 68min

John Travolto: The Face With 2 Left Feet - $17.99


Shy hotel cook Gianni (played by John Travolta lookalike Giuseppe Spezia) is convinced by friends to take advantage of his incredible likeness to the idol of the moment, John Travolta, in this wild 1979 Italian disco-floor takeoff. Gianni also wants to find a way into the heart of Ilona (Ilona Staller, CICCIOLINA), a sexy disc jockey in the local discotheque. She is dating discotheque owner Raoul, who wants to use Gianni to trick people into thinking Gianni is the real disco legend to bring new attention to the club. Gianni has to wake-up and prove to everyone that he is a true man and his own identity, a "King Biscuit", and also win the love of Ilona. So catch the fever, put on your dancin’ shoes, and boogie down with Gianni as he ignites the disco floor! Featuring a Rockin’ Dancin’ Soundtrack!

1.78:1 16x9

COLOR 87 min


Anonymous said...

Travolto can't be explained, it must be experienced. One of the strangest films I've ever seen, it literally just riffs on the fact that this guy looks like John Travolta. (He freakishly does.) Holds your interest the way good batshit should.

phelpster said...

Well crap, that sounds awesome, I guess I am interested in one of these releases:) Thanks for selling me on Travolto


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