Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Walter Werzowa - Hellraiser: Inferno

Hellraiser Inferno. I listed this as my least favorite Hellraiser in the last post, but I honestly don't remember too much about it. I just know I didn't like it when I saw it. Of course, I haven't really seen any of the Hellraiser movies in at least a year and a half (8 years for Inferno) so I probably need to see them all again to get a more up to date opinion on the series.

It may not be obvious from looking at the two, but Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch has the ability to look quite similar to Inferno star Craig Sheffer. But shorter. And Canadian-er.

01 - Main Title
02 - Blood Bed
03 - Box Revealed_ Hell Begins part 1
04 - Box Revealed_ Hell Begins part 2
05 - Epilogue
06 - Coming Home
07 - Hallucinate
08 - Erasing Finger Paint part 1
09 - Erasing Finger Paint part 2
10 - Crossing part 1
11 - Crossing part 2
12 - Crossing part 3
13 - Crossing part 4
14 - Finale part 1
15 - Finale part 2
16 - Finale part 3
17 - Finale part 4
18 - Hand Call
19 - Hat Away_ Torture part 1
20 - Hat Away_ Torture part 2
21 - Hospital
22 - Daphine's Call part 1
23 - Daphine's Call part 2
24 - Ice Cream Terry part 1
25 - Ice Cream Terry part 2
26 - Buffet
27 - Jay's House
28 - Joseph Home
29 - Pin Head Talks
30 - Joseph Shoots Himself


Hellboy said...

Thanks for the Hellraiser scores!

I found a fan-made upload of the Hellraiser: Deader soundtrack (!!warning: contains dialogue/FX!!)

tracklist :

Main Titles - Amy's Theme (4:04)
Watching the Tape - Deaders' Resurrection (5:31)
Bucharest , Romania (1:22)
Into the Hotel - The Box - Escape from the Hotel (4:36)
Please Help Us! - Amy Opens the Box (3:09)
Panduri and Kovacs (1:08)
Follow Me - The Deaders (3:35)
Pinhead's Talk (1:44)
Amy's Sorrow (1:45)
Hospital - Drawing (1:56)
Final Meeting (6:54)
The Another Story - End Titles (4:12)




Jc Harris said...

Thanks Hellboy. I have to say that when this came out I was worried because it was straight to DVD but actually after watching it again, it brought me back on why I actually liked this movie. The movie gets the Hellraiser Mythology back on track by taking out the more cheesy elements of 3 and 4 . Getting Pinhead back into the shadows and making an appearance only when it was necessary like in Hellraiser 1 and 2... I do like thothers that followed but didn't really care for 3 and 4. They had gotten to commercial . Hellraiser 4 could have been a classic if it was done right with better acting and more reasonable Cenobites (like 3 have the same problem). At least in The laster Hellraiser 5 6 7 8 , the cenobites were back to being just followers and not trying to take center stage like in 3 and4 . anyway, that's my 10 cents

Hellboy said...

Yup, less is definitely more when it comes to the Cenobites! Inferno left me a bit cold, with Pinhead becoming Judge Judy by the end of it. Hellseeker was an improvement and whoever cast the ladies in that film needs a medal :-) Although more could've been made of the showdown between Kirsty & Pinhead i think. Deader shouldn't have worked at all, being based on a pre-existing non-Hellraiser script, but it did have an ominous atmosphere, took the Cenobites back into the shadows a bit and has a solid central performance from Kari Wuhrer (the "knife in back" scene is a blinder).

Horror Freak said...

Hellraiser Hellworld was actually another story that they just threw Pinhead into and outside of the bad acting except for the female lead role , Doug bradley and always perfect Lance Henderickson It was a good story and twist and turner. I just wish that they would've got better supporting actors.I have thought of doing a fan edit of hellworld to take out some of the bad acting and tighten up the movie but I just havent gotten around to it

Anonymous said...

f-f-f-fuck the bank....

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, the link is timed out.
If The OST is in quality highet than 192kbbs - let me know, please.
the spam-o-box - cpy[in]mail[dot]ru


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