Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lor Crane - Haunted

This is the soundtrack from the 1977 film Haunted, not to be confused with the 1995 Kate Beckinsale film or a similarly titled film also from 1977 called Haunts, which is what I first thought it was when Code Red released the DVD this year. I actually haven't seen this one yet - though I would've checked it out the DVD immediately had it been Haunts that was released - a Cameron Mitchell film from the guy who did Graduation Day? Sold!

Anyway, moving on to the film this music actually comes from. Like I mentioned, I've never seen this one, but the tagline "It Began the Day They Installed That Telephone Booth in the Cemetery!" amuses me greatly so I might have to check it soon. Plus, the first song has vocals by Billy Vera and as a fan of King of Queens and it's hilariously cheesy theme song about weary eyes and tight backs that automatically makes this movie at least a little awesome.

Thanks to the guy at CG who sent me the album link.

1. Indian Woman (03:06)
sung by Billy Vera (L. & F. Crane)
2. A Distant Time (03:42)
sung by Carol Douglas (L. & F. Crane)
3. How Can I Tell Judy (04:32)
sung by Herb Oscar Anderson (L. & F. Crane)
4. You Make Me Feel the Music (08:29)
sung by Freya Crane (L. & F. Crane)
5. A Distant Time (short version) (01:09)
(L. & F. Crane)
6. Patrick & Jennifer Walking (01:22)
7. Dining Room (02:22)
8. Lake (01:06)
9. Beach (01:04)
10. Love Scene (04:35)
11. The Chase (05:49)
12. Lifetimes (03:27)
sung by Ronald Romano (Romano)

An Ancient Evil is Unleashed ... And It Wants Revenge!

The above link is for Fileserve. Downloading from there will help me out a bit, but for anyone who doesn't like Fileserve, here you go:


phelpster said...

Downloading from Fileserve will help me out a bit, but for anyone who doesn't like Fileserve, here you go:

The Great Congo said...

Wow, cool share! Glad to see you're still blogging.

the saucer people said...

Christmas has come early! I heard this was worth a listen but whoever told me totally underplayed just how wonderful it is! Many thanks for this phelpster!

ps> does the man from CG extend his generosity to a forum invite?! I have been trying to get in for years!

happy ******mas!

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