Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ultraman Jazz

This is the very out of print Ultraman Jazz. This is kind of like Ultraman meets...uh... the opening theme from The Cosby Show? Sorry, I don't listen to jazz, that's the best jazz reference you're getting from me. There's an even out of printer Vol. 2 out there, if I can find it I'll post it here.

Someone recommended I post some Kaiju soundtracks, so I'll dig some out from the vaults and get them up soon. Good timing actually, I need to familiarize myself with some of the classic Kaiju themes so I can rework them with my giant monster themed new wave band Kaijugoogoo.

I'm trying out MirrorCreator for the links, seemed to upload quickly and you get a shitload of download options.

1. Ultraman-No-Uta
2. Ultraseven-No-Uta
3. Tokusoutai-No-Uta
4. Ultraman Leo
5. Ultra Q
6. MAT Team-No-Uta
7. Susume! Ultraman
8. Kaettekita-Ultraman
9. Ultraman-No-Uta(reprise)

Get Ultra


Aylmer said...

If that doesn't work out for you, I recommend Megaupload. Never had a problem with them once.

DREGS said...

theres plenty of shit at that blogspot to do with the Ultra Dude

Anonymous said...

thanks for all ya time n effort, you have quality albums

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