Saturday, November 09, 2013

Trick or Treats & The Love Butcher From Code Red

Code Red has just added a few new titles to their store, including a couple of weirdo horror films; The Love Butcher and Trick or Treats. Never saw The Love Butcher but Trick or Treats is entertaining enough. It's also notable for featuring the most gullible babysitter in movie history. This chick gets pranked about a dozen times and falls for it every single time, it's ridiculous. Worth a look, but the Code Red DVD is a bit pricey at $20.

Gary Graver's TRICK OR TREATS (1982) David Carradine! Steve Railsback!
Five years after his wife, Joan (Carrie Snodgress, THE FURY), had him wrongfully and deliberately committed to a mental institution so she could live with her boyfriend (David Carradine, KILL BILL, TV's KUNG-FU), Malcolm (Peter Jason, 48HRS) escapes on Halloween night and arrives back at his old house to murder her, except Joan is not home but she's out with her boyfriend while babysitter Linda (Jacqueline Giroux, THIS IS HIJACK) is looking after Malcolm's 10-year-old son Christopher (Chris Graver), an equally psychotic and demented practical joker until, under cover of darkness, Malcolm shows up and planning on making a visit. Steve Railsback (STUNT MAN, LIFEFORCE), Paul Bartel (EATING RAOUL), Jillian Kesner (RAW FORCE), John Blyth Barrymore Football great Dan Pastorini and Tim Rossovich co-star. Written, produced & director by the late Gary Graver! magical advisory by Orson Welles!!!

* Brand New HiDef master from the original 35mm camera negatives! 1.78.1 (16x9)
* Audio commentary with stars Jackie Giroux, Peter Jason, Chris Graver, Cinematographer R. Michael Stringer, moderated by Sean Graver.
* audio interview with Steve Railsback
* code red trailers

LOVE BUTCHER (remastered widescreen edition) WIDESCREEN! 2.35.1
A string of murders in a posh neighborhood has the police department stumped and the local press is breathing down their necks. Strangely, nobody notices that several victims share the same gardener, a bent, elderly man with a crippled arm named Caleb (Erik Stern, ASSASSINATION). Even though all of the murder weapons are lawn care tools, Caleb remains above suspicion. Of course, it isn't Caleb doing the killing, but rather his second personality, a confident, handsome younger brother named Lester (also played by Erik Stern) who Caleb turns into when he dons a toupee. That's when he seduces and then slashes his employers, most of whom heap insults and derision upon Caleb as he works. Lester dons a variety of disguises to "gain entry," employing false accents and charming patter to bed down his victims. The two personalities battle when alone, though, and one of them will eventually have to overcome the other. Richard Kennedy (CANDY TANGERINE MEN), Robin Sherwood (TOURIST TRAP) co-star. Directed by Mikel Angel and Don Jones (THE FOREST).

* audio commentary by director Don Jones, modorated by R.A. The Rugged Man

VENGEANCE (1968) Anthony M. Dawson! Richard Harrison!
There Is No Escape From His Fury! Even thieves live by a code. For the right amount of gold there is betrayal. But the price for betrayal is Vengeance... It was the biggest gold heist the West had ever seen, but it didn't go as the gang planned. Now one of the thieves is dead, torn limb from limb by a band of five desperadoes. His partner, Jokko, arrives too late; the murderers are gone, and on five pieces of bloodstained rope Jokko (Euro-cult icon Richard Harrison) swears revenge! Blazing a bloody trail, Jokko tracks the desperadoes and one by one returns each piece of rope to its owner, along with hot lead and a shallow grave. A fateful clue leads Rocco to the last murderer, a deadly surprise and the fight of his life. Outlandish villains to mean bad guys are featured in this classic violent western directed by Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony M. Dawson) executive produced by Alfredo Leone (BARON BLOOD, LISA & THE DEVIL)

* Brand New HiDef Transfer from 35mm vault element 2.35.1 (16x9)
* Jokko Lives: Interview with Richard Harrison
* Create Vengeance: Interview with Alfredo Leone
* European trailer for Vengeance
* code red trailer

Taking Care Of Business...And Having Fun...European Style! Ernest Borgnine (MARTY, WILD BUNCH, DIRTY DOZEN), and Robert Alda (RHAPSODY IN BLUE) are a couple of oddball American businessmen who give new meaning to "international relations" in this funny, sexy, overseas romp, also known as Christmas at the Brothel and Holiday Hookers. The pair takes a business trip to Europe, but spend most of their time playing inside a high-priced bordello. Neglecting their work in favor of the establishment's sexy "hostesses," this ditzy duo is riding for a fall. But wasn't it fun while it lasted! Starring beautiful Euro-babe Corinne Clery (STORY OF O, MOONRAKER), Francoise Fabian (BELLE DE JOUR), and Silvia Dionisio (Andy Warhol's DRACULA)! Produced by Alfredo Leone (Lisa and the Devil, Baron Blood) and directed by veteran filmmaker Armando Nannuzzi (Award Winning DP of MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, SILVER BULLETS, WATERLOO)

* Brand New Widescreen Anamorphic HiDef Masters 1.78.1 (16X9)
* On camera interview with producer Alfredo Leone


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