Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Insane Amazon Marketplace Listing Of The Day

While browsing around Amazon looking for good deals on Mondo Macabro titles missing from my collection I stumbled upon what just might be the most absurdly overpriced item in the history of time.

In 2006 Mondo Macabro bundled their releases of Lady Terminator and Dangerous Seductress together and called the bundle an "Asian Action Deadly Dolls Dynamite Double Feature", which probably would've run about $35 when it came out, maybe less. Both DVDs have now been out of print for several years, but this bundle sometimes pop up on Amazon. Like this listing here:


You can grab a used set for the fairly high price of $84.69, if you want a brand new copy that's gonna set you back a cool $35,000. Yep, that's a 35, with a thousand after it, which is possibly more than Mondo Macabro made off of all the copies of both DVDs that they sold.

 Just a few thousand dollars more than a 2014 Audi.


DrunkethWizerd said...

People are out of their goddamn minds I tell ya!

Alvin Brickrock said...

plus $3.99 shipping.....

Steve Berke said...

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