Friday, November 29, 2013

MST3K Turkey Day - Watch The New Joel Host Segments Now

Shout! Factory's MST3K Turkey Day live streaming event was a big success with over 20,000 fans catching the event, with close to 35,000 comments on the YouTube page alone. We got a good mix of classic episodes, 3 with Joel; I Accuse My Parents, Cave Dwellers, and Mitchell and 3 with Mike; Space Mutiny, Wahrwilf, and Final Sacrifice. And in between the episodes were some great new bumpers with Joel introducing the episodes. So much fun watching all of these in a row while reading the comments, which were coming so fast you couldn't read all of them. There was even a wonderful little surprise at the very end of the new segments that unexpectedly nearly made me cry a bit (it takes place at around 16:40 in the video). Here's hoping they keep this tradition going next year.

I managed to catch most of the streaming live, but for those of you who weren't able to catch the event yesterday, thanks to one viewer who recorded it you can catch the newly recorded Joel host segments below. Not sure if this will end up getting taken down, but just in case, I'd download the YouTube video now if you don't watch it right away.

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