Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yvonne "Lily Munster" De Carlo dies at 84

I just saw here that Yvonne De Carlo, most popular for her role as Lily Munster on The Munsters has died. She was 84. With Al Lewis dying last year and Fred Gwynne dying in the early 90s this means that Eddie and Marilyn are the only surviving Munsters. It's depressing, really, I was just watching The Munsters the other day and now Lily is gone. Click on the link above to read more about the life and times of Yvonne De Carlo. Also I just saw she was recently immortalized in bobblehead form, actually the only bobblehead doll I've seen that has hair that is able to move.


neal snow said...

I hate hearing this. Another childhood favorite gone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I just heard a short while ago.
She will be missed!!
She was a beautiful lady.

Anonymous said...

She was reputedly one of Tony Curtis's first conquests when he arrived in Hollywood. Upon later return to NYC he saw fellow drama school pupil still-unknown Walter Matthau walking by, and from the comfort of his flash "look I've made it" car shouted to him "Hey, I fucked Yvonne DeCarlo!!!"


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