Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Wicker Man - Nicolas Cage's Greatest Hits

I just came across this and had to post it. Some brilliant individual went through and found all the awful hilarity to be found in the Wicker Man remake. For those of you not brave enough to watch the film, this should do the trick. Of course be warned of major spoilers, don't watch this if you still plan of watching the film. And here's my review of the film in case you missed it: http://the-manchester-morgue.blogspot.com/2006/12/wicker-man-vs-wicker-man-retrospective.html


Mistressmarshmello said...

can never find the general comments section. was flipping through the archives. good posts sweetie:) thanks:)

Percy Trout said...

God, wasn't he the wrong choice. I've never seen so much mysoginistic face-punching in my life.... and I've never heard such bad diaologue delivered so badly.


neal snow said...

I didn't bother with watching this...whatever it is. I'm more than happy with the original. Besides, I can't see a mainstream Hollywood production nowadays getting away with something like Britt's buck nekkid dance.

dom said...

"Not the bees!Not the bees!My eyes!"
Jesus, what hilarious shit! I didn't realise this remake (which I've avoided seeing) was quite so unbelievably stupid. Maybe they realised into production that it wasn't working out with Cage & co. so they settled for a comedy.

phelpster said...

mistressmarshmello - Any old post will do for comments. I get an email anytime, well almost anytime someone comments on the site so if you post it I will see it:) Thank you much, glad you like my posts, I enjoyed posting them. And then rambling on about nothing on 80% of the posts.

Yeah, like I said in my review we were literally in tears laughing at some of these scenes. Sadly they seem to have left out the 30 or so cries of "Bitches! You Bitches!" and a very odd diving scene. I knew I should've made a little clip like that myself.

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