Thursday, January 11, 2007

MST3K The Horrors of Spider Island - Review

This is one of my personal favorite episodes, one of the very final of the entire series, Experiment 1011 - THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND!

The Horrors of Spider Island is a German film from 1960 (original title - Toter hing im Netz, Ein, translates to something like A Dead One Hung in the Net). It begins in what is supposed to be Los Angeles where a bunch of strippers and dancers are auditioning in front of Gary, a typical 1960 beefy box-bodied misogynistic bastard to be in a dance troupe in Singapore. They pick the girls and set off to Singapore, only, the plane to Singapore crashes, hilariously no less, in the middle of the ocean. Luckily for the survivors, which is pretty much all of them, they make their way to a deserted island. Little do they know, they've just found Spider Island. Let the horror, spiders and more importantly, half-naked shenanigans begin.

It's pretty much a sexploitation film with very little in the way of Spiders or Horror, prompting several sarcastic cries of "THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND!!!" throughout the film. Apparently, according to the informative review over at Monster Shack this was never intended as a horror film, they just added the horror element and the dubbing later and it shows. And man is it bad, terrible dialog, the same woman has dubbed several of the girl's voices with no attempt at changing her voice, Mike and The Bots have a field day with this one. Regardless of their opinions on the film Tom and Crow, at least, really seem to get a kick out of the scantily clad "broads" running around on a deserted island. And I hope you're a fan of the name Gary because you'll hear this name more times in this one movie than you'll hear your own in your entire lifetime. In addition to hot foreign 60s women there is even a guy who is a dead ringer for Dr. Strangelove who shows up as a talent scout.


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