Monday, November 16, 2009

Evil Dead: The Musical

Do you like The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and select lines of dialog from Army of Darkness? Do you like low-budget gore-comedy musicals? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you just might enjoy Evil Dead: The Musical. This is a recording of the show from way back in 2003. I downloaded this about a year ago and forgot I had it. I was reminded of it yesterday, finally gave it a watch, enjoyed the hell out of it and thought a few of you out there might like to check this out.

From what I understand this is a VHS rip of a performance of the show, and it is certainly not high on audio or video quality. However, I sat down to do a quick quality test of the file on a 42" TV and ended up planted there for the entire duration of the show, so if I could tolerate it at that size, for that long, I'd say it's watchable quality.

There is a lot of funny in the 90 minute runtime, and plenty of blood and entrails as well. If you watch one gory slapstick musical featuring a headless candarian demon attacking a man with a chainsaw, make sure it's this one.

The show is still running today, so be sure to check out a live show if they visit your town. Looks like Council Bluffs, Iowa is the next stop. So any Iowians (Iowans? Iowanese? Whatever you guys want to be called...) reading this make sure to get out there and check it out.

WARNING: This production contains fountains of spraying blood! Front row "SPLATTER ZONE" seats are First-Come-First-Serve. Ponchos will be available for purchase at the box office for anyone wanting to protect their fabulous clothing!

Split over 5 parts, you'll need all 5 to extract the file:


Pokemon Postmon said...

I found this version on where it's downloadable with the Veoh Player. I've been humming 'Join Us!' ever since. Classic stuff!! :D

nathan said...

My good ol' Alma Splatter, Flathead Valley Community College Theatre, is set to perform it this coming spring.

What the fuck was that?

Uncle Mike said...

Thanks for this. I've always wanted to see it.

kdogg1971 said...

Been looking for this...thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Yet again I score off the morgue. I love this site, keep it up! This was another great post!

bblackmoor said...

We saw this show live in New York when we visited Manhattan back in 2006. Great show. I have the poster for it framed, with our tickets.

Fun fact: you can't find a restaurant open after 11 PM in Manhattan. City that never sleeps, my ass.


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