Thursday, January 09, 2014

Woman Attacked By Murderous Chandelier - Dark Touch on DVD From IFC Jan. 28th

Own it January 28th. Sorry Blu-ray people, this one looks to be DVD only.

After a mysterious and bloody massacre in her isolated country house leaves her parents and younger brother dead, 11-year-old Neve (Missy Keating, The Sea) is taken by police to friends of the family to be looked after. 
When Neve tries to explain that an evil force within the house caused the deaths, she's met with disbelief from both the authorities and her new family. But before long it becomes apparent that whatever killed her family has followed Neve to her new home, and soon she and all those around her are in mortal danger of some malevolent power that seems to be tied to the unfortunate girl.
The pulse-pounding DARK TOUCH skillfully blends elements of the paranormal thriller with the sadly more earthly horrors faced by the most innocent among us. 

The IFC Midnight theatrical release, written and directed by Marina de Van (In My Skin), was an Official Selection at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.


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