Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Lacey Chabert's Cleavage Battles Evil Scarecrow

This past October SyFy aired a surprisingly non-terrible creature feature called Scarecrow, about, get this, a scarecrow that terrorizes a group of delinquent high-school students during an especially bad Saturday detention where a teacher forces the kids into slave labor to fix an abandoned old farm house. As far as SyFy films go this one is actually pretty watchable. Predictable and not in any way groundbreaking, but certainly worth a look. And if you missed it before you'll have your chance to watch it soon as it's set to hit DVD February 25th. Check out the DVD cover and the trailer below.

You know, a lot of DVD covers can be pretty misleading, but this one is actually quite accurate. This film does in fact feature an axe-wielding big titted woman (aka Lacey Chabert) being attacked by Scarecrow. That totally checks out. No clue why they added tattoos to the girl's arms though, that's not a thing from this movie.

For years the urban legend of the deadly scarecrow has haunted children, and in one small town, the evil comes to life. During the annual Scarecrow Festival, a group of teens are tasked with working on a local farm. Inspired by the surrounding cornfield, they recount a well-known creepy tale of a terrifying, murderous scarecrow. They soon find that there’s some truth to the story. As darkness falls over the cornfields, a monster is out for blood and the teens must run for their lives.” Retail price is $14.93. Have a look at the trailer below the cover.


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