Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Silent But Deadly & Hysterical Psyho - Non-Noboru Iguchi Fart Horror?

Here's a pair of upcoming potentially funny horror comedies with some terribly cheap and off putting art work. Sure are a lot of fart references between these two press releases, that's never a good sign.

Indican Pictures announces the release of its hilarious new comedy, "Silent BUT Deadly," starring a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated cast. The star-studded cast includes Dawn Wells ("Gilligan’s Island"), John Tartaglia (Shrek The Musical), Lee Meriwether (Catwoman), Rip Taylor (Jackass The Movie), Bruce Vilanch ("Hollywood Squares"), Kiersten Warren ("Desperate Housewives"), and Jacqui Holland (Dead Ringer) with Martin Kove (Karate Kid) and David Proval ("The Sopranos"). 
“The title alone made us laugh, but when we watched the film, it not only delivered over-the-top humor but was filled with great performances! This cast possessed perfect comedic timing, and there is nothing more ridiculously funny then a bunch of old people transforming into 'Rambo-like' avengers!” said Randolph Kret, VP of Indican Pictures. "Silent BUT Deadly will appeal to both young and old with its mix of kooky old folks tearing it up in an old age home."
This hysterical story takes place in a wacky retirement home antagonized by a demented kitty-masked murderer, picking off the residents one by one. Filled with ridiculous comedic moments as the elderly bicker about who wants them gone, Silent BUT Deadly keeps you on your toes… or walker. But the murderer gets more than he or she bargains for when the old farts let it rip!

The film garnered awards and accolades at Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Hoboken International Film Festival, Sunscreen Film Festival, and Myrtle Beach International Film Festival.
Silent BUT Deadly will be available in rental stores, retail chains, and on TV, including 180 million homes on Video On Demand throughout North America.

For more on this upcoming horror comedy, visit the official Silent But Deadly website, "like" Silent But Deadly on Facebook and follow Silent But Deadly on Twitter (@SBDfilm).

The feature debut of Dan Fogler offers up a Hitchcockian homage mixed with fart jokes that will leave you peeing your pants from both comic laughter and horror-induced cringing. 
Follow along as Strange Lenny and his merry band of misfits take a trip to the woods of Maine to visit Moon Lake. Unbeknownst to them, Moon Lake is imbued with “lunar radiation” that can unbalance any mind unfortunate enough to come near it. Of course, our nubile youngsters travel to this bed of lunacy, and surprise, surprise – things go deadly wrong with bodies piling up, boobs popping out of dresses, and mischief in the air. 

Now there is only one thing left to decide – are you man enough to watch this without going Hysterically Pyscho!


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