Thursday, January 09, 2014

Empire Of The 'B's - The Authorized History of Empire Pictures Out Now

The complete title of this thing appears to be Empire of the 'B's - The Mad Movie World of Charles Band: The Authorized History of Empire Pictures. You can order your copy directly from Full Moon.

The first 100 copies of the book will be signed and numbered by Empire Pictures/Full Moon Features founder Charles Band!

The 'Pulse-pounding' saga of the Charles Band Empire...

Charles Robert Band is one of the last great B-movie survivors–a genuine pioneer who, over four decades, forged such a unique path through the no man’s land of independent genre cinema that many thought him more than capable of seizing legendary producer Roger Corman’s long-held crown as ‘King of the B-movies’. The 1970s through to the late 1980s was the last great ‘golden age’ for the B-movie community, and with a non-stop series of grindhouse classics like Laserblast, Parasite, Re-Animator and Dolls for his own company Empire Pictures, it was the era that saw Charles Band take his rightful place in the indie hall of fame as Emperor of the ‘B’s.
FOREWORD by Stuart Gordon


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