Thursday, September 14, 2006

Uwe Boll kicks ass!

Okay, we all know Uwe Boll is not the most popular or talented guy, in fact the phrase "worse than Hitler" gets thrown around a lot when his name is mentioned. But it looks like what he lacks in directorial prowess he makes up for in his ability to pummel nerds:

I remember hearing about this a while ago, but I just thought it was a joke. Uwe offered critics who thought his movies sucked (which is all of them from what I've seen) a chance to fight him in a boxing match. Of course I don't think this poor guy in the clip knew that Uwe can actually box, judging by his resorting to running from Mr. Boll for most of the match. Not just regular running, but like terror running. Uwe was a "semi-professional" boxer at some point, which I think means he used to beat up kids at school and take their lunch money. But he was like 26 years old when he did this. In fact that's how he financed his first movie.

I personally don't hate the man. His movies are pretty bad, but I enjoy watching bad movies and heckling them, so he's helped me do that on several occasions, so I personally find him to be better than Hitler. Just wanted to clear that up. He cast Tara Reid as some kind of scienctist for god's sake, the man is one hilarious bastard. Give the clip a look, it's Morgue-Approved. Judging by the camera work, I think Uwe might've directed the clip also. Zing.

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