Monday, September 11, 2006

Bruno Nicolai - Il Conte Dracula

This is Bruno Nicolai’s score for Jesus Franco’s Il Counte Dracula. I honestly didn’t know about this movie until I got the score for it. I’m interested in seeing it being that it stars Christopher Lee, Klaus Kinski and Soledad Miranda. Fred Williams is also in the movie as Jonathan Harker. I initially read it wrong and thought it said Fred Williamson, as in Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. I was utterly baffled and incredibly excited at the same time. For about 2 seconds. Before I realized I was just an idiot and that it actually said Fred Williams. If only it were true, because that would’ve been some damn fine casting right there. At the very least Fred Williamson would’ve made a better choice than Keanu being cast like 30 years later in the same role. Don’t get me wrong I like that version, but Keanu always looks like he’s kinda gotta use the bathroom and he’s little confused about it everytime you see him. Maybe that’s just me.


Pappy said...

Great share! I've never heard anything by Bruno Nicolai that was less than excellent - thank you.

dom said...

Along with the score,Kinski is the best thing about the film as a long haired Renfield locked away in a very modern looking white cell.As it's a Franco film,it's full of zooms & cheap looking.Soledead Miranda is incredibly beautiful though,I read that Lee was quite in awe of her beauty.

gspeedlace said...

Thanks for this!

Tim R-T-C said...

I've heard tell that this is coming out early next year from DarkSkyFilms - I hope it is. Anything with Kinski, Franco and Lee has to be good.

time62lord05 said...

"Anything with Kinski, Franco and Lee has to be good."

I'm afraid not. There was potentially a good film here somewhere, but dreadful day-for-night filming, bizzare editing, crash-zooms and clearly Spanish locations masquerading as Britain all help to undermine the film. Lee and Kinski are very good, but the whole thing needs re-editing and several scenes need re-mounting to make it anything more than an interesting failure. By the way, Herbert Lom plays Van Helsing -- quite well, as I recall.


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