Monday, August 13, 2007


This is from the 1982 Scott Baio/Willie Aames comedy Zapped! Not trying to sound extra excited there, that exclamation point is part of the title. I actually just watched this for the first time today. It's pretty mediocre really, even downright bad on a couple occasions (The Star Trek part, Scatman's drug induced dream sequence) but it did have one of the few actually funny De Niro "You talking to me?" impressions I've seen, so it did have that going for it.

Even though Scott Baio hasn't really done much notable work since Happy Days ended, he has kept himself busy appearing in random projects over the years. Plus he did appear on one of my all-time shows, the brilliant Arrested Development for a few episodes as Bob Loblaw, so he'll always be cool in my book. Willie Aames is also still finding things to do here and there. He recently ended up directing, producing and starring in the spectacularly terrible Bibleman. If you've got a mean-spirited sense of humor like myself and enjoy yelling things at your television I recommend seeking out a copy of one of the Bibleman episodes if you can find one for cheap, it's absolutely hilarious.

1. Got to Believe in Magic (03:29)
David Pomeranz
2. Shoot the Moon (03:12)
Plain Jane
3. King and Queen of Hearts (03:34)
David Pomeranz
4. Ready or Not (03:23)
Plain Jane
5. Just for Fun (02:56)
Rick Derringer
6. Tryin' to Kill a Saturday Night (03:22)
The Keane Brothers
7. Updike's Theme (03:33)
Robert Incorvaia & Joe Esposito
8. Star Spangled Baby (03:10)
The Twisters
9. Bomp Me (07:36)
Greg Mathieson Project
10. This Power Of Ours (04:30)


Smurfwreck said...

Emmm.... Zapped!, when Bibleman was high on coke.

Thanks for the share man.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

ha ha ha, great post. I had totally forgot about that movie. I never actually saw it, but when I worked at this little mom & pop video store in high school this title was gathering dust on the shelf and I always wondered if it would be worth watching! Thanks, looks like it could have some nice tracks on the SDTK.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Zapped!?!?! You wanna talk eclectic, there you go! That's why I love this blog... ya never know what you're gonna get with it. Keep up the great (and very interesting) work!

I have a request if I may (or if it even exists)... the soundtrack to Stevan Mena's film "Malevolence" that came out a few years back from Anchor Bay. Sure, it was a John Carpenter rip off, but having watched the film again recently, I can't get it out of my head. Any chance you have it, and having it uploaded into a new post?

Thanks in advance, and keep it up!

Dan said...

Thanks for sharing this! Ah, those pubescent 80s cable days, Zapped!, Hollywood Knights, Porky's and Spring Break....boobies!!

That scene with Scatman Crothers high on reefer being chased by the old lady from Sanford & Son shooting salami at him!...LOL! HIGH-larious!

psec said...

please can someone help me with the soundtrack to the 1982 film LOSIN" IT
Please email me @

80s Child said...

Hi Phelpster! I was searching for this soundtrack and came across your blog, however the download link doesn't seem to exist anymore. Is it possible for you to put it up again? Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work!


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