Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday the 13th: Bloodbath

I recently got some more recent horror comics in CBR format. Stuff like Texas Chainsaw and Nightmare on Elm Street and the like. Thought I'd put some up and see if anyone is interested. This is the Friday the 13th Bloodbath 3-issue series from Avatar Press. If you guys want to see the Nightmare or Chainsaw series let me know, if not some more Creepy can make an appearance. In keeping with the NC-17 nature of the site these are for Mature Readers only due to scenes featuring tremendously over the top gore, boobs, brief man ass, premarital fornication, and girl on girl action. Oh, and did I mention the tremendously over the top gore? Throughout the 3 issues here several teenagers are dismembered, cut in half, or impaled, often mid-coitus (not unlike the scene in Friday the 13th part 2, a scene they blatantly stole from Bava's Twitch of the Death Nerve). Only it's much more gruesome here. But, like I mentioned it's very over the top so it ends up being pretty comical seeing how carried away the artist got, with blood and guts flying every which way in every single death.


Anonymous said...

Here's one vote for Nightmare and Chainsaw. Thanks! this is hands-down the best blog in existence.

Anonymous said...

cool ...loved Jason and sure wants to see Freddy and Leatherface too...
awsome site you have

amity8 said...

I love that you posted the Friday the 13th stuff. I am a huge fan of your site. I am one of the developers/designers for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Check it out -

Hellbishop said...

Oh yes dismembered teens! Bring it on! Bring it on! Thanks very much. Didnt even know these things existed. Did see some comic covers once of Jason done by the master of extreme Simon Bisley.

And yay verily here be my vote for the grisly goods on Chainsaw and Nightmare.

alex said...

Thanks for being kind enough to provide these fabulous images but they seem to be lacking the general mood of Jason Voorhees?
I remember him as a dark, slimy and forboding creature?
This art portrays him as a brightly colored figure?
Jason is more of a phantasm in my thoughts, evil incarnate which appears in front and behind without having every been noticed to have previously moved.

The art is wonderful but I felt a little lost?


amity8 said...

What program do you use to open these and read them?

phelpster said...

Crap, I thought I forgot something in my post. I use CDisplay, it's a free program and you can download it right here.

Anonymous said...

please post more creepy comics, and others of that sort! i do love the feel of those older horror comics.

colinr said...

Thanks! It is very interesting to see these horror comics - they feel surprisingly much more gory when you can linger over a gruesome image!


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