Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Was A Teenage Zombie

Here's the soundtrack to the 1987 film I Was A Teenage Zombie - starring Allen Rickman! Okay, not the Die Hard guy, but I am sure I made at least 3 of you stop and try and remember Alan Rickman's part in the movie before realizing Die Hard Rickman spells his name differently. IWATZ is certainly on the lower end of the zombie spectrum, however it does have a zombie so it has that going for it. Sometimes that's all it takes. It was clearly made on a painfully low budget, however the soundtrack is actually pretty good and has real bands like The Smithereens, Violent Femmes and Los Lobos.

1. i was a teenage zombie theme (02:20)
performed by: the Fleshtones
2. have you forgotten (03:52)
performed by: the Del Fuegos
3. neverland (02:04)
performed by: the Db's
4. halloween (06:29)
performed by: the Dream Syndicate
5. good feeling (03:49)
performed by: Violent Femmes
6. i know what boys like (03:11)
performed by: the Waitresses
7. time and time again (03:04)
performed by: the Smithereens
8. why do you do (02:17)
performed by: Los Lobos
9. stuff (04:56)
performed by: Alex Chilton
10. vibrato in the grotto (02:34)
performed by: Ben Vaughn Group
11. nobody knows where loves goes (04:10)
performed by: Bob Pfeifer


Dave S. said...

Oooooooooooh. 80's horror/comedy/zombies! Excellent. Thanks! :)

maxruehl said...

I went to film school with Allen Rickman, so I always knew it was a different guy. Btw, I caught him in an episode of Law & Order SVU a couple of months ago.

Some of IWATZ was shot on the Brooklyn College campus around the time I went there. It was a pretty dreadful film, IMO.:)

Anonymous said...

merci !!


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