Monday, January 26, 2009

Silent Madness

The 1984 film Silent Madness. Like Fatal Games this is another fairly obscure slasher film that I rather enjoyed. Cute girls in aerobic get ups, a deranged bald mama's boy, a crotchety old sheriff who for some reason reminds me of Zelda Rubinstein, a Dragon's Lair arcade game...sure it's not a "good" movie per se, but semi-obscure slasher fans should definitely get a kick out of it. Even if you hate it, the heckling potential is pretty high if you're a sarcastic bastard like myself.

Directed by one Simon Nutchern, one of 4 people credited as director of the infamous Snuff from 1976. The Findlays (Roberta and Michael) and (Swedish Spaniard?) Horacio Fredriksson being the other 3 who may or may not have at some point or another possibly had a hand in directing some part of the movie.

Moving On. Madness was actually filmed in 3-D. I didn't notice much in the way of "aiming things toward the camera" gags, but the poster I've seen says 3-D, so I've gotta believe the poster. Sadly the one I'm posting isn't in 3-D, but it's still worth a watch. Who knows though, 3-D seems to be pretty popular at the moment, maybe a 3-D DVD is just around the corner. Just look at the 3-D happenings of late:
  • The amazingly entertaining My Bloody Valentine 3-D
  • 3-D commercials during the Super Bowl on February 1st, followed by a 3-D episode of Chuck on the 2nd. Get your glasses here. (Chuck, by the way, is a fantastic show that I can't recommend enough. Watch it!)
  • Friday the 13th III on DVD again but actually in 3-D this time.
  • An Alexandre Aja helmed remake of Piranha, announced in 3-D
  • The Stewardesses, on DVD (this Tuesday actually). Yep, in 3-D
  • For the kids Bolt from a few months ago and the upcoming Monsters Vs. Aliens
As you can see, it's a good time for 3D movies to be put out, maybe Silent Madness has at least a slight chance.


Alex said...

Now that's, entertainment :)
I love the posters and rare horror gems that you've been sharing!


AD Vee said...

Good stuff! I'm a die-hard slasher fan and I know I've never seen this.
Keep up the great work.

SkunkApe said...

Hey I'm back and posting glad to see you still have my link. Good Creepers post I have a similar one but low quality that I bought from the Relapse catalog back in the day.

Skunkape's Crap back in action, hopefully it will have a good run!

Poo Flinger said...

I'm definitely gonna check out this flick, Thanks Phelpster!

What the fuck is up with all the 3D? Are they already trying to beat it to death?

Alex said...

@Poo Flinger

Have you seen what they've done with the new 3-D effects? It's really terrific stuff and as usual, when one person comes up with an interesting idea. there's a flood of others who also want to play :)

If any of it's as good as "My Bloody Valentine" this should be a real rush!

Have a good one! :)

Alex said...

Oh, and Phelpster?
A few oddball but fun flicks to check out!

Return of the Aliens:The Deadly Spawn

Metamorphosis-The Alien factor

Parasite 3-D

Dead Alive

Ed's Dead Mother

The Boneyard (1991)

If you haven't already seen them, I think that you'll appreciate the effects! :)

Alex said...

Oh, and terrific night on my end! I was surfing ebay as usual, when i fell across an original US one sheet for "Amityville 3-D" in excellent condition! I have the first two, so that was awesome! A little over forty dollars US and it was mine, all mine!

Ahem, well, it really is a nice poster :)

Have a great day and chat soon!


Anonymous said...



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