Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joe Hisaishi - Robot Carnival

This is the music from the 1987 anime film Robot Carnival - known to the Japanese as Robotto kânibaru. Masahisa Takeichi, Isaku Fujita, and Jô Hisaishi are all listed as composers on Soundtrack Collector.

I actually once found a copy of this at my favorite pawn shop (a thing greatly lacking in the area I've moved to) for $2. I don't have it anymore because someone offered me $50 for it, and as a perpetually unrich individual, it was an offer I couldn't refuse. 

1. Coming Soon - Opening (03:54)
2. Niwa-Tori Otoko to Akai Kubi #1 (03:33)
3. Niwa-Tori Otoko to Akai Kubi #4 (01:09)
4. Raihosha (01:37)
5. Deprive (03:42)
6. Presence III (02:47)
7. Presence V (01:15)
8. -Wa- (01:59)
9. -Sai- (04:27)
10. Nani? (00:45)
Music by Isaku Fujita
11. Struggle (01:59)
Music by Isaku Fujita
12. Ora (03:37)
Music by Isaku Fujita
13. Heart & Hand (04:11)
Melody by Joe Hisaishi; Arrangement by Masahisa Takeichi
14. Merry-Go-Round (03:08)
Melody by Joe Hisaishi; Arrangement by Masahisa Takeichi
15. Unit 1 (02:46)
16. Unit 2 (04:26)
17. Niwa-Tori Otoko to Akai Kubi #2 (01:54)
18. Niwa-Tori Otoko to Akai Kubi #3 (03:14)
19. Battle (04:10)
20. Presence II (01:12)
21. Presence IV (02:50)
22. Prologue (00:39)
Music by Isaku Fujita
23. In the White Cloud (01:19)
Music by Isaku Fujita
24. Silent (01:10)
Music by Isaku Fujita
25. Twilight - [bridge] (00:47)
Music by Isaku Fujita
26. Buruu na Kimochi (03:11)
Melody by Joe Hisaishi; Arrangement by Masahisa Takeichi
27. See You Again - Ending (03:19)


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this. didnt even know this was a movie, saw a poster by katsuhiro otomo in his book KABA .

Jason said...

Hey Phelpster bro! Just dripping you a line to tell you I have a new post and HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th dude! Have fun seeing the new flick tomorrow, I know I will! Take care.


Alex said...

How about "Revenge of the Shogun Women in 3-D." :)
Just picked the poster up on ebay last night!

Thanks for all the goodies here Phelpster! It's always fun to see what you've got cooking down here in the morgue!

Have a terrific weekend friend!

chisophugis said...

my god you have no idea how long it took me to find this. I even had to look at Google's cached version of your blog to get access this somehow.

Phew, you have reassured me that if you look hard enough, you can find anything on the internet.

Anonymous said...

man ...
you drive me crazy.
Really, really, craZZyyzyyyyzyyzyzyzy

with all off this...

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the theme music from Star Light Angel (Niwa-Tori Otoko to Akai Kubi I'm guessing) sound like the theme from Final Fantasy?


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