Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Mad Twists Rock 'n' Roll

The Mad Disco album proved to be super popular (downloads wise at least, not much in the comment department) so here's another Mad album, Mad Twists Rock 'n' Roll, released in 1962.

Your track list:
  • (Throwing The) High School Basketball Game
  • (She Got A) Nose Job
  • Please, Betty Jane (Shave Your Legs!)
  • Somebody Else's Dandruff (On My Lover-Baby's Shirt)
  • Blind Date (Yaaaaaaahhh!)
  • Agnes (The Teenage Russian Spy)
  • Let's Do The Pretzel (And End Up Like One!)
  • (Even If I Live To Be 22) I'll Always Remember Being Young
  • (He Fell In Love With Me) When My Pimples Turned To Dimples
  • She's A Serious (Yeah-Yeah!) Teenager In Love
  • (All I Have Left Is) My Johnny's Hub Cap
  • I Found Her Telephone Number Written On The Boys Bathroom Wall


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Many thanks!!

Tim said...

GG Allin ripped off the song (She Got A)Nose Job in 1983 for a song called, you guessed it, "Blowjobs"

cerita dewasa said...

rock and roll.......

penerimaan cpns said...



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