Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Role Models

Found these great model kit ads while looking at some old Fangoria scans. As a kid reading Fangoria (back when an issue cost less than a pizza) I used to beg my mom for pretty much anything I saw in any of the ads. Models, Shirts, that Leatherface mask that was always in the same ad with a Predator mask. I never actually successfully coerced her into buying me any of the stuff but she did once score a life-size Leatherface cutout from Texas Chainsaw Massacre II from a theater or video store. At the time, it was about the coolest goddamn thing I'd ever seen. Sadly over the years Bubba ended up getting lost and I've never seen another of the same cutout since. I've seen them for the remake Leatherface, but not the one from Part II. Probably for the best, hard enough to be involved in a serious relationship without a cardboard cutout of a 6 foot tall mentally retarded bumpkin wearing a Gein-ian skin mask in the corner of the living room.


Anonymous said...

I used to have the Leatherface one. Like an idiot I filled the lower half with cement instead of plaster. Weighed a ton.

Trying to get hold of the Elvira one but they're surprisingly expensive. Moebius have a cheap styrene kit coming out next year which looks very cool so I'll grab that instead.

Cinema Du Meep said...

I love these.

Colin said...

I had leatherface, Jason and still have the werewolf! marvellous models in their day.


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