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Two-Face Frankenstein Plus Sabretooth vs. Kickpuncher - New This Week 5.14

Okay so this is a bit late since all this stuff came out yesterday. I'm currently right in the middle of my terrible 12 hour workday time of year and when I got home yesterday I laid on the floor, fell asleep and never got around to actually posting this thing.

So here goes, some very cool stuff out there this week, starting with the pair of titles Scream was able to license from Code Red:

Evilspeak is remarkably engaging, imaginative, and well crafted” – TV Guide

Life sucks for Stanley Coppersmith (Clint Howard, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School), a teenage outcast who’s bullied by everyone at a strict military academy. When Stanley discovers the crypt of a 16th Century Satanist beneath the chapel, he creates a computerized Black Mass that unleashes unholy revenge upon his tormentors. Now, all hell is about to break loose! Co-starring Joseph Cortese (American History X), Charles Tyner (Cool Hand Luke), R.G. Armstrong (Children of the Corn), Don Stark (That ‘70s Show), Lenny Montana (The Godfather), Richard Moll (House) and Haywood Nelson (What’s Happening), Evilspeak is not for the faint of heart.

Prior to its U.S. theatrical release, the distributor of the film requested that the graphic violence be cut to avoid an “X” rating from the MPAA. The film has been completely restored from a newly discovered 35mm inter-positive source including all of its long rumored scenes of bloody carnage. This new edition includes all-new extras including a new commentary by producer/director Eric Weston (Hyenas).
Browse more frighteningly fun Scream Factory releases!

Bonus features:

  • New interviews with actors Richard Moll, Claude Earl Jones, Haywood Nelson, Loren Lester and Lynn Hancock
  • New 2013 1080p High Definition transfer supervised and approved by Eric Weston
  • Audio Commentary with producer/director Eric Weston
  • Interviews with cast members Joseph Cortese, Clint Howard and Don Stark
  • Theatrical Trailer

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    At Lanier College, the semester is almost over. Exam week is coming to a close when some upper classmen play a prank by staging a phony terrorist attack. But the next moment of excitement at the school won’t be a prank. And it’s something a lot more final than an exam. Students are falling prey to a knife-wielding maniac stalking the school, bent on making sure that for some, school is out…forever!

    Browse more frighteningly fun Scream Factory releases!

    Bonus features:

  • New High Definition transfer From The Original Camera Negative
  • Audio Commentary With Cast Members Joel Rice, Cecile Bagdadi And Sherry Willis-Burch
  • Interviews With Cast Members Joel Rice, Cecile Bagdadi And Sherry Willis-Burch
  • Theatrical Trailer 
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    The explosive thriller takes place 200 years after Dr. Frankenstein's shocking creation came to life. Celestial forces name the creature Adam, and arm him with weapons to defeat the demons that are constantly seeking his destruction. However, soon Adam finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity and discovers that he also holds the key that could destroy humankind.

    Special Features:
    • Audio Commentary with Co-writer/Director Stuart Beattie
    • Audio Commentary with Filmmakers Gary Lucchesi, Richard Wright, James McQuaide and Kevin Grevioux
    • "Creating a Monster" featurette
    • "Frankenstein's Creatures" featurette
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    Micheal Myers (Tyler Mane) meets Jason Vorhees (Derek Mears) in Compound Fracture - which sounds like a really lame death metal band, but is in fact a Horror/Thriller from director Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein.

    Michael left home when he was a teenager and never looked back. Now, after the death of his sister, Chloe, hes returning home with his fiancee Juliette and his angst ridden nephew Brandon. On arrival, they realize that home isnt exactly what it used to be. With high walls surrounding the house and security cameras in every nook and cranny its more of a military compound than anything else. Enter Gary, Michaels estranged father who, while happy to be reunited with his son and grandson, seems more distracted by other things. As the strange family reunion commences, an uninvited guest shows up and we learn bits and pieces about the real reason behind Chloes death and why Brandon is so closed off from Michael. This fractured family will have to come together to fight the ghosts of their pasts and make it out alive!
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    From director Carlos Tobalina comes one of the strangest hybrids of exploitation sub-genres ever released to the unsuspecting public. Combining the late 70s jungle movie craze with crime thriller and copious amounts of X rated action, JUNGLE BLUE tells the story of a group of sinister explorers hunting for fortune in the jungles of South America. Along the way they meet a tree-swinging wild man, his sex-crazed companion gorilla, and hoards of scantily clad natives.

    Never released on video in the US, JUNGLE BLUE has been restored from 35mm camera negatives and is being presented uncut on DVD for the first time!

    Director: Carlos Tobalina
    79 minutes / 1978 / Color / AR: 1.85:1
    Features Include:
    + 16×9 Anamorphic | Region Free | MONO
    + Original theatrical trailer
    + Scanned in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
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    Acclaimed director Wakefield Poole’s second feature, the surreal and trippy Bijou, set a new standard for explicit cinema when it opened in 1972. The film concerns a construction worker (Bill Harrison) who witnesses a car accident and pockets the female victim’s purse in which he discovers her invitation to a club named Bijou. There he enters a strange erotic world where dark fatasies becomes reality. A fever dream blending the erotic and the divine in equal parts, Bijou is a psychosexual puzzle that rewards multiple viewings.

    Scanned at 2K from the original 16mm elements and fully restored, this new version of Bijou finally allows the film to be seen in all its original visual splendor.

    Director: Wakefield Poole
    75 minutes / 1972 / Color / AR: 1.33:1
    Features Include:
    + Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 | MONO
    + Original Theatrical Trailer
    + Director’s Audio Commentary & Video Introduction
    + Video Interview w/ Author Linda Williams
    + Video Interview w/ Wakefield Poole + Unused Audition Footage
    + Scanned in 2k from 16mm original camera negative
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