Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving From My Family To Yours...

Just stopping by to wish all my regulars and any newcomers a Happy Thanksgiving, and wish any of you with cahones enough to venture out to go shopping on Black Friday the best of luck. Try not to be trampled, or arrested after pummeling someone with a lamp in order to get the last $3 DVD of Airheads (soundtrack to be featured here soon, by the way). I personally will be spending the first half of today enjoying the gluttonous festivities (I have 4 potential dinners to partake in, yikes) then I'll wind down with a double feature of Addams Family Values, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the two greatest Thanksgiving-ey movies of all time. Granted there are only like 10 movies that even have anything to do with Thanksgiving, and one of them is the atrocious Home Sweet Home, but still.

If you find yourself with some free time between eating yourself stupid and passing out on the couch afterwards I highly recommend heading over to The Insomnia Video Stash. Fellow blogger Krug+Company (real name Michael Krug), who also runs The Inferno Music Crypt just started the site up and it's loaded with great music videos and movie trailers for you to check out. Be sure to watch the new Rambo promo reel, looks pretty decent and plenty violent, it even includes a Road House style throat rip. High five?

And if you're still looking for something to do I've just gotten a couple of soundtracks re-upped. First, Howard Shore's score from the mind-blowing (zing!) film Scanners, followed by the double whammy Friday the 13th Part 7 and Part 8 soundtrack. The House By the Cemetery/Manhattan Baby score is also back up. And while I'm here, this was a rejected banner I came up with last Thanksgiving. I kinda like it despite not putting it up on the site so I felt it should at least make an appearance here.

Disclaimer: No one in the first photo above is an any way actually related to me or anyone I am affiliated with. Nor do I know who any of the people are or who was responsible for the hilarious (and actually kinda frightening) zombification of said people.


John said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

One thing I am definitely thankful for is this blog, which has probably given me more of my favorite music over the past few months (or has it been years?) than anywhere else I can think of. Keep up the great work, and don't eat *too* much turkey.

J. said...

I too am thankful for blogs like yours that share the wealth of soundtrack tunes, from the obscure z-grade cheapo to the grand academy award winners and every possible thing in i am thankful for re-ups...;)

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Thanks for the great post Phlepster. Hey that banner is pretty sweet. Is that the turkey monster man from "Blood Feast" or whatever it's called?

phelpster said...

Thanks a lot guys, always glad to know that my work is helping people find things they're searching for:)

Fiji - Thanks, glad you like the banner. It's the turkey monster from Blood Freak actually. Awful, awful movie, but check it out, it doesn't get much more bizarre or hilarious than that one. I actually won a House of 1,000 Corpses poster and an autographed Rob Zombie cd thanks to Blood Freak. Not an exciting story, just used it as an answer for a contest, still pretty cool though.

I've probably made like 50 banners in the past year but it's such a pain in the ass trying to put a new one up that a lot of them are just sitting around.

Filmscore said...

As it happens I actually like this banner better than your current one. In fact, some of your earlier banners (some very short-lived) were preferable as well. I'm glad you shared this one. You should post all your previous banners for our perusal. And FYI, your blog is amazing. Keep up the great work.


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