Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Vampirella - Illustrated Tales to Bewitch & Bedevil You

And we'll finish up with three more issues of the comic starring everyone's favorite scantily clad vampiric alien, Vampirella. Like I've mentioned before I really don't have many issues of Vampirella, so I'll just be posting random issues unless I find a more thorough collection somewhere else. This set includes issue #3, #8 and the commemorative edition of issue #1. I have a scan of the actual first issue, but it has a weird purple hue on all of the pages, so I put the commemorative one up instead. It's the same thing, just felt I should explain that while I'm here.


J. said...

yum....mhm...that about sums up Vampy...thanks once more for the comix... =)

Anonymous said...

A Grand Slam. Vampirella, Creepy and Eerie downloads.
These are great. Its so wonderful to be able to see these magazines and the great stories and art.
You really have a fantastic Blog!!!
Thanks Vince

Hellbishop said...

Nice collection of WARREN uploads lately. Those Vampirella covers are a real supernatural treat :D



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