Wednesday, March 05, 2008

CREEPY - Aliens and Robots and Space Ships! Oh My!

Well, time for more Creepy. This set includes issues 69, 70, 71, 72, and 73. As you can see, there are only 5 issues in this set. I like to keep it down to 300MB, and these issues were some big sons of bitches, so I could only get 5 up. Hope that's not a problem.

Be sure to grab this set if you're a Edgar Allan Poe fan, the first two issues feature a bunch of re"Creepy"ations (Eghad, that didn't work) of some of his stories. Anyone else finding the Rue Morgue cover on #70 a bit disturbing? And why is that woman smiling? I gotta say, that wouldn't be my first choice of reactions to being slashed to ribbons by a large razorblade wielding ape. God forbid I should one day encounter a ravenous primate.

Sharebee is not working for me today, so I had to use Rapidshare.

Speaking of Rapidshare, I wanted to ask people with Premium accounts if they wouldn't mind downloading this small file as a free user to help me try and reach 10,000 points. It's just a small text file that says nothing on it...I'm like this close to a free month.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see more creepy.
I like the other download choices they are much better for me because
I have to wait 1.5 hours between Rapidshare downloads.
Bongo was my favorite.
Thanks. Vince

phelpster said...

The best thing to do if you don't have a premium account is to search for a program called Rapget. It does the waiting for you, so you just put the links in there and hit start and it'll start each download automatically once the wait is up. That'll at least save you from having to remember to go back.

Oh and thanks for downloading the text file:)

peter french said...

Hello ! I can't download your files, 'cause my computer is so old and tired... Anyway, it's always a great pleasure to read your posts !... The "Edagar Allan Poe" Creepy issue remembers me great "souvenirs"... In France, Creepy was published with many reviews about what we called here the "Cinema bis". In this particular issue, there was a complete series about the Corman/Poe movies -- for the first time in France. It's so great to find this old cover in your blog. Thanks ! And pardon me for my bad english...

Comics Jurnal said...

avesome blog thx m8 :)



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