Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CREEPY - Monsters! Ghouls! Curses! Aliens! The Undead!

Six more issues of Creepy for everyone. This set includes #74, 75, 76, 77, 78, and 79. I've gotta be brief today, I just finished watching Batman & Robin, I've gotta go lie down.


Anonymous said...

Hello , I have got the Creeps again thanks to you.
Very nice issues.
Badongo did not work. It said wrong link.
I used Megaupload for 1 and 3.
I had a problem with opening # 75 Issue. So I am downloading rar #2 from megaupload and will re-extract all again.
Thanks Vince

Anonymous said...

OOPs Its Creepy 76.
I redownloaded and I still have a problem.
It reads:
"Access Violation at address
004f8727 in module cdisplay.exe.
Read Address 00000000."
Thats what it says.
Could you re-up that one file for me? Thanks Vince

Ralf said...

Wow! Danke sehr! A fan from germany!

Anonymous said...

Always looking forward to Warren Wednesdays. Thanks again for Creepys and Eeries, M.M.

Comeback Shane said...

Hey duuude!

Well ya never got back to me on this hot Mystery Science Theater debate. I figure either you didn't know what to say, you're too damn busy or I inadvertently pissed you off. In either case i'd like to post my opinion part 2, my friend, for anyone else who'd care to jump in. I reeeally like MST3K. My wife and I both laugh our asses off through it(and thanks to you I get to). So coincidentally I was watching the YouTube videos on Eli Roth's myspace for his film festival this past week AND SURE ENOUGH he says about not doing the "Mystery Science Theater-thing" and make fun of stuff like how stupid their socks are or you'll miss what's great about these films.

Hearing this kinda thing AGAIN but in this context made me kinda realize something. Maybe it's not so much MST3K that high-level geeks don't like, it's amateurs sucking at trying to impersonate their style. Like when you hear a really bad unclever song parody and you can tell they really think they're another Weird Al. But they can't hold a fuckin' candle to Weird Al!
Or even like when you don't hate a band, you hate their fans. I'd like to think this could just be the case.

I don't care what anybody says. When Crow sees a toy boat floating in a bathtub AND IT'S SUPPOSED to be a huge ocean liner and he says "Special effects by Billy!" It's fucking hilarious.

phelpster said...

Shane - Yeah I've just been busy. I'm moving from one state to another in a few weeks so I've been going shithouse trying to get all my stuff together, figure out how exactly I'm going to get it from here to there, etc. That's why I haven't replied or updated the site in several days.

Mystery Science Theater is probably my all-time favorite show, so of course I love it to death. I've laughed so hard I've fallen off of my couch countless times watching the show, so I have to disagree with anyone who says it's worthless. It really comes down to if you think it's funny or not.

It's not like the show comes on anymore anyway. You can't even flip through the channels and
stumble upon an episode, you have to purposely watch the episodes so I don't think the people who hate the show should even care.

I think most people take their opinions too seriously. The show is all in good fun and I don't think they mean any of the bad stuff they say. I also don't think they're trying to show their superiority, Just look at the low-rent sci-fi look and feel of the SOL, clearly they're all nerds who enjoy bad movies just as much as they enjoy cracking jokes during them. Some of the Rhino DVD sets even have extras with people from the films they've made fun of on them, they all seem quite okay with it themselves.

I mean it's perfectly fine if they don't like the show, certainly not something everyone can get into, but they were just goofing around. Hell, I do it myself when I'm watching movies I like all the time. I wouldn't yell stuff out at a theater (that would be rude) but I had a friend over the other day watching a few Friday the 13th movies and we laughed our asses off while making stupid jokes at the expense of movies we enjoyed. It's fun, nothing more.

And your Part 2:
I always found Eli Roth to be a bit of a twat (no offense if you like him), but it sounds like he
might've just used MST almost as a verb, instead of saying heckling or riffing, Mystery Science Theater-ing.

Oh and your Expo question, I won't be able to make it over there with the move and all. I've gotta save up every penny I can. I've never actually been to a convention or film festival of any kind before, thought I'd really like to someday. Maybe once I'm settled.

Vince - Sorry for the late response, I'll get Issue 76 uploaded seperately soon.

Comeback Shane said...

Amen brother. It's very refreshing to read an opinion that isn't up it's own arse! I never even heard of this crap until a few weeks ago and now I feel like I have to defend it on every turn. Kinda reminds me of what happened to Family Guy or heck, even Vanilla Ice. It's just weird it took this long or else i've been living in the sticks of Pennsylvania too long. You made a good point about it not even being on anymore. Dang ol' people tryin' to stress me out anyha!

Sorry you can't make it to the show. This is my first thing like this as well. I figure it's about time I get to one of these especially since they're so few and far between for me. I'll let you know how it went. So which direction are you moving in anyway??

Anonymous said...

10-4 good buddy.

phelpster said...

Vince - Here's #76, sorry it took so long, I've been rather ill this week so I wasn't able to get around to it until now. Let me know if this works:

Anonymous said...

much appreciation for the Creepys... but I have been trying to extract issue #78 and a pop-up window indicates there is a "data error" and that the "file is broken."

First time I have had this problem. Is this something that can be repaired?

Thanks again.


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