Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CREEPY - The Mummy Returns to the Superbowl Gridiron!

Okay, finally getting these up on Wednesday again, albeit a bit later than usual. I'm sick for the second time in a month, so I spent most of my day laying on the floor, or the couch, or wherever I was able to get comfortable. Anway, feeling a bit better now, so here they are. This set of CREEPY includes #86, 87, 88, 90, 92, and 93. Sorry, I don't have 89 or 91.

Sharebee wasn't being very cooperative today, after I got the first part up on there it wouldn't let me upload anything else. So the first part is on Sharebee, and the others are on Rapidshare. Those of you without Rapidshare accounts, download part 4 first, it's only 6 MB, so the download wait should be less if you grab that one first.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Nathan said...

Have you tried or They offer comparable services, and I see them used about as often as Sharebee.

(Love the uploads, by the way. Thanks a bunch.)

J. said...

I really dig your blog (horror comics and horror soundtracks, and random lunacy as well). SO I started up a small little soundtrack blog recently and wanted to know if we could exchange links. check out my place:

let me know... =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for these latest Issues.
I switched from Comcast Hi-Speed @ 42.95 a month to their slower speed @ 24.95 a month to try to cut my cost of living. Speed was 1.5mbs to 785kbs.
Sounded OK to me. Vince

diegogue said...


The links for 89 and 91 issues: (issue 89) (issue 91)

phelpster said...

j. - Very cool site there, I'd be happy to put a link up to your site next time I update. Looking forward to checking out your Knocked Up soundtrack projects:)

diegogue - Wow, thanks a lot for sharing the links to those! I'm downloading them now. I'll update the post with your links for anyone who didn't bother to check the comments here.

cnow77 said...


Man, you got me addicted to these things now. What'd have to go and do that for?

Keep 'em coming, please. I need a fix.


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