Monday, April 21, 2008

Jimmy Lifton - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror. The film stars Karen Black, Yvonne De Carlo, a strange little chick by the name of Rainbow Harvest and one f'ed up mirror. Thinking of this movie makes me long for the days of the gimmicky VHS covers of the 1980s and early 90s. I must've passed by the Mirror Mirror cover and it's little evil hologram mirror a thousand times as kid. And who can forget the copy of The Dead Pit with the light-up eyes? Sure the lights never worked after the first week because people pressed the hell out of them and usually caved the box in doing so, but still, it's a very cool concept.

Just a heads up for anyone interested in owning the film, the out of print Mirror Mirror 1-4 box set can usually be had new for about $5 plus shipping from Amazon Marketplace. Sure, the first film is pretty mediocre and I've heard nothing good regarding parts 2-4, but still, the first movie by itself goes for about $35 on the very same marketplace. Good deal if you need the whole set for some reason. I just purchased one myself.

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glass said...

I saw this movie when I was a small child, and I remember it actually terrified me! The score is actually one of the best I've downloaded in a long while, and I want to thank you for putting it up!! It's equal parts chilling, and corny at the same time. Who could ask for more in a horror soundtrack?


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