Monday, June 16, 2008

Stan Winston dies at 62.

Tremendously sad news to report. After I had just posted the score from Pumpkinhead last week I just heard that film's director, special effects legend Stan Winston has passed away at the age of 62. Details about his death can be found here.

Most celebrity deaths don't affect me all that much, but this is really getting to me. I think of all the movie monsters and creatures he's been responsible for that I've loved over the years (Pumpkinhead, The Terminator, The Monster Squad villians, Edward Scissorhands to name a few) and it honestly gets me a little misty eyed. He seemed like such an enthusiastic and genuinely nice person every time I heard him speak in an interview. I, and a legion of horror/science fiction fans will miss him.


Raven said...

Brutal loss.
Thanks for all the nightmares,

Chris JC said...

Time to dig Aliens out!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Oh man! How sad. He will be missed. He was the best in the business. The man who brought us Predator and the Alien Queen. RIP

Superfist said...

I couldn't agree with your words more. When I found out about his death I was actually bothered by it more than I would've thought. It's sad to think of the lost creations we would have gotten from him had he not been taken too soon.

Lacey said...

I could not believe it when I heard.
I just met the man last year at the Comic-con in San Diego for God's sake. I have pictures with him.
I was shocked when I heard.

Streebo said...

Stan Winston

Master of Monsters


Thanks for all the great memories.

Anonymous said...

In completely agree with you. That being said, I also think someone out there has a list of my hero's, (George Carlin among them,) and they are using that as target practice.

Justin Lockwood said...

There are Gods and Monsters, and then there are Gods *of* Monsters, like our pal Stan...


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