Friday, June 06, 2008

Richard Stone - Pumpkinhead

I also had a request for this one, from the same person who was after E.T. if I recall correctly. This is Richard Stone's score from Stan Winston's underrated 1988 directorial debut Pumpkinhead. The film is also known by the hilarious title of Das Halloween Monster in Germany. I know very little German but I'm pretty sure there is a German word for 'Monster' and it's not Monster.

I've noticed that any females I've ever discussed the character of Pumpkinhead with (that would 2 of them, for those of you keeping track) seem perplexed when I tell them that Pumpkinhead in no way resembles a pumpkin. I guess they're assuming he'd look more like this guy, but I can't imagine Merv there invoking much fear into the hearts of moviegoers. The actual Pumpkinhead however, is a pretty frightening creation, so I'm glad then steered away from any kind of pumpkin resemblance. In fact, I'd say old Pumpkey is one of my all-time favorite movie monsters, at least appearance wise. I even have the Movie Maniacs figure of him on a desk next to Godzilla and the Chris Farley bobblehead. I'm not sure if a demon hellbent on vengeance could really be considered a "maniac", but I guess if Jaws is one, then Pumpkinhead is as well.

1. End Credits (03:12)
2. Bud's Help (02:42)
3. Father & Son (01:30)
4. Steve's Death / It's Evil (01:20)
5. A Holy Place (02:42)
6. Innocence Lost (01:28)
7. Visitors Arrive (01:44)
8. Raising Pumpkinhead (03:48)
9. A Witch in the Woods (04:58)
10. Mr. Harley's Remorse (02:10)
11. Can I Take Your Picture (00:45)
12. It Begins (03:55)
13. Resolution / A New Beginning (01:49)

For each of man's evils a special demon exists...


glass said...


this is one of my all-time favourite movies!

Rene said...

There is a german Word for Monster and it's called "Ungeheuer", but most often we use "Monster" for... erm... Monster. ;)

StrangeRanger said...

Thank you sooo much! I've been looking for this soundtrack all over the place. I love this movie and was definitely sad to hear about Stan Winston. He was a true talent.

Anonymous said...

link in russian says "we are closed"

jake gittis said...

can anyone provide a workable link. the link is dead dead dead.


phelpster said...

jake - I just added a new link for you.

Anonymous said...

Jake, where is that re-link you posted? I can't find it, as far as I can tell you linked to the original page but the Pumpkinhead music doesn't exist on the link in that page :( I did find a rapidshare link but that seems to be dead too :(

phelpster said...

It's there where it says For each of man's evils a special demon exists..., I just checked it

Phil said...

Please repost this soundtrack, and many thanks!

-Phil, a friend in Austin


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