Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - The Press Kit

A few weeks back the long out of print Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie was finally re-released on DVD after an 8 year wait. The original DVD went out of print around 2000-2001 so fans had to pay out the ass on eBay or import the German DVD that came out a couple of years back if they wanted to own a copy.

This re-release is great for people who didn’t own a DVD player in 2000 and missed the original DVD, but for whatever reason the collective heads of knuckle over at Universal decided against including any special features. Admittedly the cover is quite snazzy (Shiny good) but there is nothing beyond the movie for you to enjoy once the end credits roll. Now, if there were no features out there then the lack of inclusion would make sense – a quality presentation of the movie is the most important feature after all. But there are deleted scenes on YouTube (YouTube - soon to be used in a lame joke near you!) and there is also a 30 minute long, rather interesting press kit which I just so happen to be posting here today. There are several clips from the movie, like most of these types of features, but there is some great behind the scenes footage included as well.

The video is a little under 400 MB and the links can be found below. I put the 4 parts up on Rapidshare, so just click the one link below to access the folder.

Warning: Gratuitous Exeter Alert!


Rob G. said...

Thanks. I think I have this somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm sure I've seen it, but now I know I have. LOL

Anonymous said...

You rule bro, keep up the good work. This site is a real gym. Love the Mst3k stuff. My wife actually did some moves from the Horror workout (I just dribbled in the corner like a zombie).

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Those deleted scenes de YouTube are absolute gold, and thankfully, unlike versions one might dig up elsewhere, are subtitled. I wish someone could/would provide a non-camcorder, "direct" version someday...

Love the movie (I was one of the lucky ones to see it in theaters, where I almost fell under the seats and died from laughter-induced asphyxiation), but it's disappointing that in spite of the amped-up SFX budget and all, MST3K The Movie actually has a shorter running time than a commercial-free episode--especially given the outtakes (and the fact that they cut at least one key scene from The Island Earth)!

Thanks for the Press Kit! Downloadin' it now.

Lacey said...

I do not know who is running Universal these days but their DVD output has been so poor that I cringe when I see their logo.

They gave the Banack DVD to some other company who put out a poor, syndicated, print with no extras and deleted scenes!

This DVD had a set market and fans would have bought it for the extras alone.

What were they thinking???

Thanks for the posts.

Fantasmi said...


Thank you for ruling soo hard!!

This site brought all the happy horrific images that molded my mind as a kid..

Thanks again


Champignons for my real friends... said...

Cheers for this! MST3K never showed on our TVs in Australia, but a very savvy video store clerk turned me on to it years ago. Keep trading the tapes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch. And please please please keep uploading the mst3k stuff. For those of us behind heavy firewalls the rapid/mega/whatever links are a godsend. These bring back so many freaking memories. I'd love to see an old classic like Jack Frost or Time Chasers or The Final Sacrifice again.


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