Sunday, May 11, 2008

CREEPY - Demon Beasts Unleashed!

Okay, just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates the past week or so. I was able to secure a job pretty quickly here in my new stomping grounds, but unfortunately it's a job that KICKS MY ASS. So I've either been too busy, tired or kinda injured in some way or another to actually take the time to make any posts - even though I've had last Wednesday's Warren issues uploaded for several days now. So now that I finally have a bit of time here are 6 more issues of Creepy. This set includes #99, 100, 101, 102, 103, and 104.

I just put them all up in one MEGA link, hope that works for everyone:

And, while I'm here I thought I'd point out DeepDiscount's current Anchor Bay Father's Day Buy 1 Get 1 Sale to anyone out there looking to get some cheap AB stuff. I went with the 2 seasons of Sledge Hammer! for $18, because I think it's what Hammer would want. And no, my asskicker of a job is not working for the aforementioned online DVD retailer, just trying to save any fellow cheap bastards some money.


Anonymous said...

These are really great, Phelpster. Gives me something meaningful to do with my time rather than watching "reality TV."

colinr said...

Thanks very much for the uploads and best of luck with your job!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog site. The soundtrack downloads are great. Thanks! Could someone help educate a newbie and explain to me what type of program I need to view the eerie and creepy downloads ?

phelpster said...

colin - Thanks a lot:) It's actually not a terrible job apart from the long shifts and constant minor injuries.

Jas - Thanks, glad you enjoy the site:) To view the comics I usually recommend CDisplay. Very easy to use once you download it. There are other CBR reading programs out there, but this one works for me.

Anonymous said...

These issues look great!
Thanks for the DeepDiscount tip, I use them alot. When I cannot find what I want I go to www cduniverse com. Small shipping good prices. Vince

alex said...

Hello again Phelpster!
Firstly, many, many thanks for all the terrific goodies!
I've been haunting your blog for quite some time, muttered here and there, but had to thank you.
Being a huge fan of Warren comics, and after having lost my first collection to an ex and been forced to sell the second, this is a total blessing!
Just one teeny problem...
I grabbed the links that contained the missing issues from your collection, only to discover that two of the links had been removed by the uploader...
Any chance that you might have Creepy issue 96 and 143 around somewhere?

Best regards
Alex :)

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