Monday, May 19, 2008

What Nameless Evil Lurks in the...Crypt of Shadows (?)

No, really, I'm asking...what nameless evil does lurk in the Crypt of Shadows? Anyone have any idea? I've gotta say, personally, I'm a bit stumped. For my 550th post (wavy gravy, that's a lot) I bring you what I believe is the entire run of Marvel's short lived Crypt of Shadows series. If you can't guess from the title or the covers this series isn't far removed from the EC Tales from the Vault of Shock Suspenstories style of storytelling. In other words, refrain from partaking in evildoing because payback's a bitch! A bitch usually involving some sort of zombie carnage.

The rar file available for download below contains issues 1-21, from January 1973 to November 1975. Like I said, I'm pretty sure the series only lasted for 21 issues, but I could be mistaken. If I am I'm sure someone will let me know.

Since these comics are only little over 20 pages each the files aren't nearly as big as the Warren issues I post (which are usually over 60 pages), it only ended up being about 150 MB for all 21 issues. I've split them over two parts and you need both parts to view the comics.

Part 1
Part 2


diegogue said...

wow! a new comic on the blog! thanks

diegogue said...

According to Grand Comic Database Project, Cryot of Shadows actually ran for 21 issues, you're right

Tim said...

Thank you :)

Kim said...

Thanks a lot for these!
Never heard of it before!

Ralf said...


Anonymous said...

I got these when these were new, or nearly so. Scanned comics downloads are most welcome, however, so it would be great to see more of this sort of thing!


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