Monday, August 17, 2009

Jason vs. Leatherface Comic Book Mini Review

This is Topps Comics' (you know, the baseball card/stale chewing gum people) 3-issue miniseries Jason vs. Leatherface. In one corner the Chainsawing Cannibal Bubba Sawyer. In the other corner, the Mongloid Marauder Jason Vorhees. Who will survive and what will be left of him? You'll have to read and find out.

Each of the 3 issues features an incredible cover by Simon Bisley with interior art by Jeff Butler. Nancy Collins is credited as the writer

For even more Jason and Leatherface fun, be sure to check out some of the fan made stuff on YouTube. Apparently, if you know two tall fat guys, live near the woods and own a hockey mask from the 70s and a chainsaw you can make your very own Jason vs. Leatherface movie. Sumbitch


Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

Wow, Nancy Collins? I'm going to have to check this out.

And didn't Jeff Butler used to illustrate those old TSR/Marvel Superheroes Role Playing Game publications? Holy crap I'm a nerd.

- Simon

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This is very cool, because I've always owned Issues 2 & 3, so now I can see how it all began ;)
IMHO this is maybe the best cross-over comic, as it stays true to the characters (in other words, both of our beloved heroes are silent) which makes the entire duel kind of comical.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these! The covers really do sell them!

I tried not spoil myself, but I did glance through a few pages of the first issue to find SPOILER Jason slicing a dog in half SPOILER, which doesn't sit well with me, I must admit.

So, the storyline is already behind in impressing me...

- Agent Z / Mission Code Z

(OpenID Errors have me posting Anonymously)

Anonymous said...

I ve got all 3 of them in mint Condition maybe i put em on Ebay I´ve read them once when i got them first and since then they have been in plastic covers took me 1 Year to get all 3... If someone is interrested Email me

Viagra Online said...

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Zer0_II said...

I must say, I find the cover art to be so unappealing that I can't bring myself to download these. What is up with Jason's huge freakazoid arms? I wish that artists would remain true to the character with their art. It would be much nicer if they would try to more imaginative with the story rather than with the appearance of the character. That's just my personal opinion though. Obviously there are people who enjoy the comic, hence the comments above. Regardless of my opinion, thank you for sharing these. It isn't my intention to come across as ungrateful. I may decide to change my mind and give them a shot simply because I'm a big Friday the 13th fan.

Biff said...

Your efforts are appreciated, spammers be damned. Thanks for this one, which somehow got past me when it came out.


To bad I didn't notice this when you posted it. I just reviewed this series on my own blog. It's . . different.


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