Thursday, September 03, 2009

Spring Break - Bootleg Commentary Track

A couple weeks ago Anchor Bay released the classic 1982 Sean S. Cunningham comedy Spring Break starring David Knell, Jayne Modean and a dude who looks a lot like Ray Liotta with feathered hair. While AB did a great job on the transfer and everything, they failed to check and see if the cast of Spring Break might be interested in doing a commentary track.

Turns out, yes. Yes they would.

But since nobody from AB bothered to ask them, they've went out and recorded one themselves, guerrilla. "They" being David Knell, Jayne Modean, Perry Lang, Steve Bassett and Jeff Garlin. Yes, Jeff Garlin. He was only in the movie for a minute, (as a guy called Gut Gut) so I think it's pretty awesome that he'd be willing to join in on the commentary.

The asking price is $3.99, and I'll let David Knell explain why you should buy this commentary:

Those interested should click here to check it out. And, don't forget, I do have the soundtrack available to download, if you haven't already.

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Min-Hsao said...

It seems like the Spring Break Soundtrack link is no longer available. Is this an error or has this been removed? Thanks.


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