Sunday, September 06, 2009

House of Hammer Magazine 8-13

Here are 6 more issues of House of Hammer Magazine. Featuring comic adaptations of several classics like Plague of the Zombies, Curse of the Werewolf and The Gorgon, among others. I've gotta say I love the many Frankensteins, young and old, featured on the cover of issue 12. That would make for a cool shirt. See:

I'd also love to see an updated painting, featuring everyone to ever play a Frankenstein monster. Blackenstein, Herman Munster, Frank N. Stein from the old Monster Squad show, the Little Person Frankenstein from Full Moon's The Creeps, the Frankenstein that versed Dracula in Dracula vs. Frankenstein... I mean everybody. It would be a pretty huge painting, I think about 600 different guys have portrayed some kind of variation of Frankenstein's monster over the years. If only I could paint....


Anonymous said...

Didn't see the original post for some reason, but wow, good stuff! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the original post for some reason, but wow, good stuff! Thanks!

colinr said...

Fantastic comics. Thanks very much!

Kitsune Sniper said...

Don't forget the Mexican Frankenstein!

Corganoid said...

Thanks again for more great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff!

Linked you:

Anonymous said...

About the painting... you should make a collage from picures, then photgraph it, make it into a graphic and/or use one of the photoshop tools to make it look like a painting, then you have made your own! I think it's a great idea to have them all together - it would be huge!!!

BrianKD said...

Holy smokes, i want that t-shirt!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These are great. I became aware of a bizarre old movie called phantom of the paradise directed by Brian De Palma because of the Hammer mag... Thanks. I appreciate it.

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey phelpster,

can you do me a favor pal? can you update your link to me on your blog list to The Inferno Music Vault (name change and new location) -

id really appreciate it if you could. please let me know. thanks. also hope there's no hard feelings between us about the uncle buck post. i didn't make it but my friend who did likes to have credit for his extended soundtracks and i can see why. so again hope there's no bad blood. cause there was someone who was kinda rude in replying to that post if i recall.

take care.

Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

There's some great stuff here ... especially the comic art by Ian Gibson, John Bolton, Brian Bolland, etc.


- Simon

Jc Harris said...

Hope you have been doing well. Here's some more links to some scores I uploaded.

Seed of Chucky Score

I Know What You Did Last Summer Score

I Still Know What You did Last Summer Score

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Score

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors - Score

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003 - Score

Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning - Score

Friday the 13th (remake) - 2009 - Score

Final Destination 1 - score

Final Destination 2 - Score

The Final Destination 4 - Score

Halloween 2 - Tyler Bates 2009 - Score

candyman score

candyman 2 score

candyman 3 score

bride of chucky score

disturbing behavior score

The Faculity score

jeepers creepers score

jeepers Creepers 2 Score

Leprechaun Score

Nightbreed Score

Poltergeist Score

Jc Harris said...

Here's Some More

Saw 4 - Score

Saw 1 - Score

Saw 2 - Score

Saw 3

Urban Legend Score

Jc Harris said...

I Still haven't found final destination 3. I have looked all over for that thing!! Shoot me an email.

Anonymous said...

Issue 12, with the Frankenstein's on, was the first issue I bought over 20 years ago from a film memorabilia dealer in England called Richard Connole. I was in my early teens & got most of the issues from him for a couple of pounds each ( I also bought a Get Carter poster for 75 pence, which i sold on ebay last year for £125 ). Most issues are not that hard to come by, a few of the first 6 issues are rarer.

Anonymous said...

I did some work on the covers to make a T-shirt design.
Get it here:
Only 10 downloads available. If someone has a premium account, feel free to reup.

Anonymous said...

Got my T-shirt today, and it looks really crappy.
The print is way too dark and way too small.
Save yourself 20 bucks.

phelpster said...

Where did you get a shirt from?

Anonymous said...

I got it from a German site called enoughmerch. But I think it is a general problem of direct print on T-shirts. The colors are just not as bright as in the original photo.

Dezskinn said...

Just thought some of your peeps might like to see the new website I'm putting together which has extensive coverage of my old House of Hammer magazine. I'm only up to 1979 so far, but there's already 60,000 words and a LOT of visuals.

...And they are all our copyright, so no "crappy" T-shirts please!

Dez Skinn

Cyberschizoid said...

House of Hammer! My favourite horror movie magazine from the 70's! C'mon Dez, bring it back from the dead!!!


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