Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deep Red - Issue 1,2,5,6 & 7

This is Deep Red magazine issues 1,2,5,6 & 7. These are the only issues I've found so far, but I'll add 3 and 4 if I find them. Credit to the original scanner.

As you've probably noticed I'm trying out a new layout/banner on the site. Not sure if I'll keep it this way or not. My laptop has a wide screen where my computer I've had since I started this site did not. So when viewing the site with my laptop there's about 2 inches on either side of wasted space. This new layout looks better on a widescreen display but when I checked it on my old computer it's pretty huge. Either way, I'll stick with Belial for the time being.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much!

Türk 182 said...

hi phelpster how are you myyou new soundtrack comp.megarare enjoy

Cousin Barnabas said...

Cool! (And dig the new design!)

Doug said...

thanks for posting these! i have issue 3, it features a great and long interview with Tom Savini. i think it's criminal that a lot of people have no idea of what Deep Red is or who Chas Balun, Steve Bissette, and all the other horror freaks are.

i would love to post these on my blog if you wouldn't care. you would get full credit. thanks again!

phelpster said...

Turkaor - Thanks a lot, I can't wait to check it out.

Creep - Thanks, glad you like the new design. I'm doing to do something better with the logo when I get time.

Doug - Sure man, feel free to post them wherever you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Chas Balun RIP

Issues 3 and 4 (plus Deep Red Alert 1 and 2 and a bunch of other stuff) are in the torrent available here:

abdul alhazred said...

Here's what you're missing:
Deep Red 3
Deep Red 4
Deep Red Alert 1
Deep Red Alert 2
Deep Red Premiere
Deep Red vol 2 no 1


abdul alhazred said...

oh yes and
Deep Red 15th Anniversary Special

Deep Red Horror Handbook

The are lousy camera "scans" but readable nonetheless. Not my links.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks! I actually bought some of these on ebay a few years ago, now I can finally complete my collection!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please re-upload or at least double check the Deep Red Horror Handbook for me? I have tried to get that all day and Rapidshare keeps saying the file is not found. I just need someone to check it and verify I'm not crazy. Thanks again to all the contributers!


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