Thursday, September 16, 2010

Deeper Red

In the comments of the last post a visitor by the name of Abdul was kind enough to share links for missing Deep Red issues. The issues in question would be 3, 4, Deep Red Premiere 1, 2 and Deep Red Vol. 2 Issue 1, Deep Red 15th Anniversary Special and Deep Red Horror Handbook. Still with me?

Here are some of the covers, Including my personal favorite right below this text.

Each issue was posted with it's own link, so to save a bit of time I'll just add his whole post to the comments section of this post. So just check the comments for the links.


phelpster said...

Here are the links from Abdul's post:

Here's what you're missing:
Deep Red 3
Deep Red 4
Deep Red Alert 1
Deep Red Alert 2
Deep Red Premiere
Deep Red vol 2 no 1

Deep Red 15th Anniversary Special

Deep Red Horror Handbook

Thanks again for the links Abdul.

abdul alhazred said...

No sweat buddy.

Henry said...

Nice to see these making the rounds!! And thanks abdul for not outright using my mediafire links, but making your own!! I'm getting around to dumping another batch of scans on T3 soon, but maybe if it is alright i will just give the links here, as the torrents die on T3 pretty fast. @phelpster since this blog is your puppy you can contact me and I can provide you a huge amount of scanned horror/sleaze zines you can share here.

If you can read my email address contact me if you want.

Anonymous said...

Just curious why my post about the Horror Handbook was removed. Thanks in advance.

phelpster said...

Bryan, your other comment was on the other Deep Red post. The only comments I'll ever delete are spam comments with suspicious links. I just checked the Horror Handbook link and it is down. Unfortunately I forgot to download that one so I can't reupload it. I'll look around and see if I can find another link for you.

phelpster said...

Actually, here you go, try this link:

It has the 2 Deep Red Alert issues but it's all I could find.

Anonymous said...

Phelpster, thanks for that. Sorry for my mixup. Again, thank you for all you do!!


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