Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hilarious Faces of Death - HauntedWeen

First thing, I have to address this:

This gets my vote for "Worst Mask Ever Created By Humans". This thing is hideous, dark green skin, 80's female rodeo clown red hair, it's like an especially poor Blanka knockoff mask from a Mexican dollar store. I realize HauntedWeen was only a step above a home movie, but still, this mask sucks. Luckily it's worn by a kid in the very beginning of the movie for about 2 minutes and never seen again after.

Moving on to today's actual Death Face.

She died as she lived, upside down and cross eyed. There are three death faces in this one screenshot but the girl in the middle is only one that can actually be counted as hilarious. The dude on the right has a pretty subtle death face, it just looks like he's kegged himself out. The severed Biff Tannen head wedged between the buttcheeks on the left is technically hilarious, but it's disqualified since I don't think latex heads count. I will say, it's actually not a bad fake head for such a low budget movie.

Director Doug Robertson actually released a 20th Anniversary DVD of this last year. The DVD includes Director/Producer Commentary, a photo album, the original trailer, the unseen HauntedWeen music video, and the never before seen, The Making of HauntedWeen. I think you can still buy this thing, though the site hasn't been updated since October.

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