Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Jose Ramon Larraz - 1929 - 2013

2013 has claimed yet another beloved horror personality, this time we've lost Jose Ramon Larraz, director of horror titles such as Symptoms, The House That Vanished, Black Candles, Edge of the Axe and one of the ultimate lesbian vampire films Vampyres.

I'm not an expert of Larraz's body of work Edge of the Axe is a lot of fun, and Vampyres is pretty great - he didn't have a huge filmography, but his work that I've seen was always interesting and entertaining. He retired from directing many years ago, but it's always upsetting to lose anyone from the world of horror, especially a horror director who was also a big horror fan like Larraz. 

The only articles I can find about this news are in Spanish, but here's a link to one of them at SciFiWorld. 

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