Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lurkers, Die Sister, Die and The Power From Scorpion

During my daily horror forum perusal I stumbled upon an announcement for some very cool releases just announced by Scorpion Releasing.

Some news on upcoming SD DVD releases. Originally I was going to double bill THE POWER with LURKERS due to poor elements on THE POWER, but we uncovered a much better element, so now we are going to release THE POWER as a standalone on DVD. LURKERS, which has been remastered from the original IP and the 3 trk mag in HD 16x9, will now be paired with the first officially licensed version of DIE SISTER DIE, taken from the original negatives and the 3 trk mag, and both releases will be a Katarina's Nightmare Theater title ! LURKERS/DIE SISTER DIE will be released on 11/26, THE POWER will be released 12/17.

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