Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bleeding Skull Video's 'Cards of Death' Available Now

Bleeding Skull Video's first release, the ultra obscure 1986 film Cards of Death is now available exclusively on VHS over at Mondo Tees. I'm sure this is a very limited release, though I can't seem to find the actual quantity it's limited to, so those of you interested should snatch up a copy now.

Shadows stalk the night. Some belong to desperate men in hobo masks; others to switchblade-wielding new wave dominatrixes. But they’re all cast against the urine-soaked asphalt by the throbbing pulse of sex-colored neon and remorseless gunfire. Welcome to hatred, pain, suicide, misanthropy and inescapable hopelessness. Welcome to swastika cummerbunds, barbed wire strangulations and gambling-addicted priests impaled on wrought-iron fences. The apocalypse has a name. And it’s Cards Of Death.

Written and directed in 1986 by Hollywood veteran W.G. MacMillan (who appeared in the Dirty Harry sequel The Enforcer), this shot-on-video scuzz-sex-slice-and-dicer has long been described as the “holy grail of slasher movies,” mostly for its sheer rarity among VHS collectors. Though it was an American production, Cards Of Death was briefly released on VHS exclusively in Japan before disappearing completely, without even a listing on IMDB. The BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO release of Cards Of Death marks the first release of the movie on home video in the United States.

Directed by W.G. MacMillan
90 minutes / 1986 / Color
Includes MINIMUM UNDERDRIVE #1, an exclusive ‘zine on Cards Of Death.

I haven't seen this one yet, but here is a review from Bleeding Skull posted several months ago. And one from A Slash Above. I'd post more review links but I honestly don't know that more than a couple dozen people even seen this thing before, it's that rare.

I'd love to see a future DVD release, though I doubt that will happen. I personally don't really collect VHS - sure I've got a few dozen tapes, which I guess counts as a collection, but I'm not really into dropping more than a few bucks for a tape because I'm so paranoid that my VCR is going to crap out halfway through a movie and ruin the tape. If that were to happen to one I paid more than a few dollars for I'd shit.

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