Friday, February 13, 2015

I, Madman Also Coming From Scream - Plus Sleepaway Camp Sequel Art

Another new title announcement from Scream today. Be on the lookout for Tibor Takacs I, Madman :

"Our Friday the 13th celebration continues with our last post today by announcing that the underrated 1989 horror-thriller I, MADMAN will be coming to the Scream Factory family sometime this year!
Directed by Tibor Takacs (The Gate), the film stars Jenny Wright (Near Dark, The Lawnmower Man) and Clayton Rohner (April Fool’s Day, Just One of the Guys).

No details to report at this time and we’ll keep you posted when a street date has been locked down."

 Also, during my last two months of blogging inactivity I think I missed mentioning Scream's upcoming releases of campy summer camp classics Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3. Well the cover art for these titles have also just been posted, so what the hell, let's take a look at those as well:



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