Friday, February 13, 2015

Scream Factory releasing Italian Horror Films Ghosthouse and Witchery

Scream Factory is finally releasing some Italian horror. Later this year look for this double feature blu-ray featuring Umberto "Humphrey Humbert" Lenzi's Ghosthouse and the awful, but oh so hilarious Hasselhoff/Linda Blair film Witchery.

Granted, these aren't top of the line Italian horror titles, but these are both highly entertaining films that I'm happy to see getting a blu-ray release. Hopefully there are more Italian titles on the way.

"Two tales of supernatural Italian-made shenanigans are both coming to blu-ray for the first time! 1988’s GHOSTHOUSE (directed by Umberto Lenzi of Nightmare City and Cannibal Ferox fame) will be doubled-billed with WITCHERY (which sports Linda Blair AND David Hasselhoff!?) for a planned June 30th release. Pre-order links should go up next month."

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