Friday, November 24, 2017

MST3K Officially Given Movie Sign For Season 12

The annual MST3K Turkey Day marathon came to a close about an hour ago and those of us who stayed to the very end (the end after it ended) were treated with some very exciting news. After months of uncertainty, Joel has announced that Netflix is in for another season of the show, so Season 12 will be filmed and presumably premiere sometime in 2018. That's all he's got for now, but that awesome bit of news is good enough for me. Hopefully they put it out on Blu-ray as well, I've got 39 boxsets of this show (minus the blasted Volume 9 which, sells for around the price of a used Kia), I can't stop there.

If they're looking for a suggestion for a movie from Shout's library for the new season, might I suggest Greydon Clark's Without Warning? This movie is like a classic MST trifecta, directed by Clark (Angel's Revenge, Final Justice) and starring Cameron Mitchell (Stranded in Space, Space Mutinyand Jack Palance (Outlaw of Gor, Angel's Revenge). Also, from what I recall, the movie kinda sucks, so this is almost too perfect.


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